Humidity Sensor - HCS-4/3

Grain Watch™ Humidity Sensor HCS 4/3 consists of a holder with sensors and two 4 meter long cables, to be mounted inside the dryer accordingly to instructions. The mounting in the dryer is best done using no tools. The design of the Humidity Sensor prevents straw from sticking to it, and thus leading to wrong readings. Depending on the width of the dryer 1 or 2 pcs Humidity Sensors are used.


Mounting the humidity sensor

In the picture below, right, you can see the first row of beams / members at the mark “X”, where the drying zone meet up with the cooling zone. In height the Humidity Sensor should be mounted in the row of beams / members at mark “A” at the intake side. When possible, mount the Sensor in one of the air beams / air members, in such a way that it is situated one third of the dryers full width from one side. If this is not possible, you can mount the sensor closer to the centre, but not close to one side.

Example: When Dryer full width = 1,5 meter, the Sensor should not be closer to one side than 0,5 meter.

In case you mount two Sensors, mount them symmetrically / evenly spaced, about half of the dryers full width between the two Sensors. Example: When Dryer full width = 4meter, distance between Sensors should be 2 meter.

No tools needed to mount sensor

Actually the Sensor is designed to be best mounted without tools. Look at the picture below. Lower the screw “2” and unscrew the two screws, called “3” in the picture, a bit. Insert the Sensor inside the air beam / air member the way showed in the picture, the Sensor should rest in the triangular opening, and the lip underneath must be inside the Dryer.

Adjust screw “2” until the Sensor is in level horizontally. Tighten the two screws “3” with your fingers, making sure the sensor is pointing straight into the air-beam / airmember. Tighten the screws until the Sensor is well fixed.

Please, do not tighten these screws more than necessary, normally no tool should be necessary.