TMS PC Software

GrainWatch™ PC Software monitors the temperature of the stored commodity 24-7. It offers a customer-specific layout, easy handling and alarm level configurations, as well as colour coded temperature fields for a quick and comprehensive overview. Data can be viewed in two different layouts – Plane View and Matrix View.

The TMS History function displays the stored temperature data in detailed graphs for each temperature cable or spear. Three different password protected access levels help to prevent unauthorized access.

The software currently comes in seven languages. English, German, Russian, Arabic, Polish, Romanian, Finnish and Swedish.


Plane View

The Plane View gives a birds-eye view of the silo plant and every temperature cable in every silo. Each software is uniquely designed to the specifications of the customer. The temperature fields are colour coded in order to provide all relevant information at one glance.

Matrix View

The Matrix View provides an overview of all temperature cables in table form. The operator can choose between displaying only the maximum and minimum temperature per cable, or a detailed view of every sensor on the temperature cable. The temperature fields are colour coded in order to provide all relevant information at one glance.


Alarms are easily configured for each silo or a group of silos to allow a more adjusted monitoring process when different commodities are being stored. The individual alarms can also be connected to a relay output for external notification, or when the automatic fan aeration option (Grain-Watch Outdoor Sensor and Fan Relay) is being used.

Temperature Graphs

The TMS History function automatically stores temperature data from all temperature cables or spears on the computer’s hard drive and displays them in detailed graphs showing the temperature development of every sensor on every cable or spear. The graphs can be printed out for accounting, book keeping or sales reference.

Level Indication

The PC software comes with the option of a level indicator, which uses the sensor cables or spears to provide a rudimentary fill level indication for each silo based on the silo diameter, height, amount of temperature cables or spears and their sensor spacing. The level indication is presented in staples in both the Plane View and Matrix View. However, this function does not replace regular fill level monitoring equipment.