Fan Relay Unit PLCK-USB

GrainWatch™ PLCK-USB Fan Relay Unit combines with the outdoor temperature sensor rHS01 and the PC Software and is used for automatic silo aeration.

When aerating silo bins, knowing the grain temperature, air temperature and relative air humidity are vital. Blowing air that is warmer than the stored grain into the silo means raising the grain’s moisture content and temperature, and diminishing its commercial value.

When the trip levels for relative air humidity, air temperature and grain temperature set in the software are triggered, the fan relay unit starts silo aeration automatically.

The GW-PLCK-USB Fan Relay Unit is available with 4, 10, and 26 relay outputs, and connects to the PC via two USB ports.


Use the data table as follows:

If the point of intersection between the Cooling Air Temperature (side) and the Grain Temperature (top) coincides on a blank field in the data table, there is no risk of raising the grain’s moisture content. If the point of intersection coincides on a field with a numeric value, the relative air humidity must be lower than that value to avoid raising the grain moisture content. The data table indicates air humidity in percent RF%.

The GrainWatch data table indicates air humidity in percent RF%.

Source: Lantmännen, Safe Grain Storage.