Mobile Farming with GrainWatch Plus

GrainWatch Plus is a brand new mobile solution for visualization of sensor data from most of the farm’s processes on your smartphone or tablet. Our mobile app allows you to quickly gain full control of both production and storage conditions regardless of where you are.

This is what you get with GrainWatch Plus:

  • Adapted Functionality – Software fully adapted to smartphones and tablets.
  • Tile Design – Widgets easily created, resized and moved like on any smartphone default system.
  • Basic Navigation – Easy navigation throughout the software. Design based on industry standards.
  • Customer Edit Tools – DIY custom dashboards for any function and widget.
  • Cross-Property Dashboards – Any sensor-monitored process on the farm may be added.
  • Data Export – Easily exported graphs and related results into CSV format for other users or units.

GrainWatch Plus for Grain Temperature Monitoring

First up among the new Plus features is our temperature monitoring system for cereals in silos or plain storage. With GrainWatch Plus, you can easily control your entire storage, regardless of how many silos it consists of or how dispersed these are geographically.

Instant data transfer to your mobile or tablet provides increased security and efficiency meaning less stress, minimized time and fuel consumption and a serious contribution to a more climate-friendly operation.

The app reports in real time each silo separately but also each temperature cable so you can pinpoint exactly where an unwanted temperature change occurs.

If you already have our temperature cables installed, you only need to supplement with our rental sender unit RS-130 and download the app from AppStore or GooglePlay. PC and hand instrument may be left in the installation as backup, if needed.

The SIM card in the sender unit works in all parts of the world, which eliminates dependence of telecom operators or regional features. Data transfer subscription is paid on a monthly basis, like for a standard mobile phone.

If you are new to our temperature monitoring system and thinking about a mobile solution, just ask. We will include GrainWatch Plus in the quote.

GrainWatch Plus is Multifunctional

More functions in your mobile means more precision for your farming. Apart from temperature monitoring, the GrainWatch Plus app may also be used for other necessary functions on the farm. This includes:

  • Grain Drying
  • Weather Stations
  • Water & Liquids Management
  • Fuel Management
  • Camera Surveillence

Intensive development work in these areas is currently underway. Keep track of developments here on our website or by contacting us by email or phone.


With GrainWatch Plus, we help you monitor your farming processes on one unit – regardless of your actual position.

The above example shows temperature data as graphs and widgets within the GrainWatch Plus app.