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HCS Grain Drying Control

Digital controller for continuous flow dryers

The HCS Grain Dryer Control System can be installed in nearly every continuous flow grain dryer, from small farm to large industrial dryers. The system consists of sensors (HCS 4/3), signal amplifiers (HCS 200), and a Control Unit (HCS GDC).

The sensors are easily installed without the use of tools at the bottom of the drying zone and continuously measure the moisture content in the commodity being dried. These values are passed on through the Signal Amplifiers to the Control Unit, which is used to regulate the feed-out intervals and speed. Each Signal Amplifier has a 4-20mA output, which can be integrated into existing PLCs. The placement of the sensors is important to achieve optimal drying results, and multiple sensors may be needed depending on the size of the dryer.

The Control Unit is used to regulate the drying cycles. Once the optimal feed-out intervals and speed are found, the Control Unit can be set into auto-mode and dries the remaining batch at the same setting. Control Units are available for volumetric extraction, shaker extraction and conveyor extraction.

Controller for continuous flow dryers

Control unit for continuous flow dryers
Control Unit

Amplifier for continuous flow dryers

Humidity sensors for continuous flow dryers